Open for Business Report

This is a challenging environment for arts and cultural organisations and current economic conditions mean that arts partnerships have also been impacted.

This study is a snapshot of business and arts partnerships across four key sectors that have long standing relationships with arts across Australia: higher education, financial services, legal services, and energy. This is not intended to be a comprehensive study of arts partnerships across all Australian industry.


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The purpose of this research is to understand key drivers and barriers to success for business and arts partnerships from the perspective of business. The research highlights what business gains from partnering with arts organisations, factors that encourage partnership longevity, plus some hard truths from business on what could derail the relationship. By capturing the voice of business, we hope this report will help deepen your organisation’s understanding of their needs and empower you to attract and maintain strong business partnerships.

This report is intended for:

– Arts and cultural organisations looking to build engagement with the business sector;

– Organisations with an established portfolio of partners you wish to solidify and grow; and

– Emerging fundraisers who are seeking to understand current partnership trends.

Partnership Phases & Insights

The below table maps out the five key insights against relevant stages of the partnership lifecycle from research through to reporting and evaluation.
Use this as a guide as you work through the partnership process to ensure you consider key business needs and risks at each stage.