Giving Attitude 2.5

Our latest edition of Giving Attitude, a biennial survey of private sector support for arts and culture.

Designed to inform policy and aide in advocacy for investment in the arts, Giving Attitude 2.5 the captures the industry’s resilience and adaptability during COVID-19 disruptions.

Cover Image: Darlinghurst Theatre, Once production. Photo: Robert Catto

Darlinghurst Theatre Company presents Once

This edition builds on from previous Giving Attitude surveys, and dedicates itself to analysing private sector support received during the pandemic. Giving Attitude 2.5 reveals enhanced capabilities and beliefs in fundraising, and the difference in experiences of fundraising between different arts and cultural organisations.

Giving Attitude 2.5 found that the total value of private sector support is estimated to be $398.4 million — a 26% decline from Giving Attitude 2, when total private sector support was estimated at $540.3 million. The arts and culture industry remained reliant on contributions from private sector support — continuing to account for 20% of all turnover in the industry — while earned revenue dropped as a percentage of turnover due to a drop in activity during this period.



The economic downturn caused by the pandemic affected philanthropic activity with a $142 million reduction in support since the last study. This was driven by an overall $90 million reduction in cash support across donations, fundraising, bequests, and sponsorships — and a $64 million reduction in the value of volunteer hours causing significant impact.

Despite setbacks, the industry felt optimistic about the future of private sector support — 47% anticipated success in the next 12 months for their fundraising program, influencing their belief that private support will make up 25% of total revenue within five years.

Giving Attitude Online

Giving Attitude Online is an interactive dashboard that houses our surveys, allowing users to dive deeper into the data.

Giving Attitude Online includes ‘The Data’ page where users can compare surveys and analyse trends — by filtering data sets and exporting or sharing data to use and reference elsewhere.

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