The MATCH Lab Grant Process

Learn about the process of our MATCH Lab program, including application and assessment, verification and the requirements for project delivery.

MATCH Lab comprises several stages. Here’s what you can expect, and what’s expected from you as a successful applicant.

MATCH Lab Lifecycle

MATCH Lab Lifecycle

Stage 1: Applications

Applications must include:

  • A brief outline of your art practice
  • Three of your artistic achievements or career highlights
  • A brief description of the project you’re seeking to fundraise to support
  • A project budget
  • An outline of how you’re expecting to finance your professional practice in the future
  • Your experience with fundraising, and how the program could help shape your practice in the future
  • How this program will impact your career.

Stage 2: Assessment

The assessment process will consider:

  • a demonstrated track record of arts practice
  • your professional experience, direction, and goals
  • your capacity to fundraise and build private sector support (individual donations, crowdfunding, philanthropy, trusts or foundations, and business sponsorship) for your work.

Stage 3: Raising Money for Your Art clinic

If your application is successful, you’ll attend our two-day Raising Money for Your Art clinic. The clinic is a two-day intensive fundraising and arts business professional development opportunity. MATCH Lab participants will be fully supported to attend the clinic, including the cost of attendance, return airfares and two nights’ accommodation.

We hope to deliver this workshop in-person, but due to the uncertainty around holding workshops because of COVID-19, it may be delivered online.

It connects you with experts and your peers to develop a fundraising plan for supporting your arts practice and your next artistic project; and it will give you a deeper understanding of your potential support options, how to build private sector support and fund your art in a sustainable way, and the skills to develop your career as a creative entrepreneur.

Stage 4: Fundraising

Armed with the fundraising plan you developed at the clinic, your next step will be to implement your own tailored fundraising campaign.

We offer ‘in-principle’ matched funding support to successful MATCH Lab applicants, capped at $5,000. Successful applicants must complete an online declaration to accept the program conditions and confirm participation.

MATCH Lab will match funds sourced from:

  • Philanthropy (including individual giving)
  • Online fundraising events
  • Crowdfunding

MATCH Lab will not match:

  • Bequests
  • In-kind support
  • Loans
  • Earned income (including membership, box office, and non-deductible ticket expenses)
  • Local, state or federal government funding
  • Hospitality, food and beverage expenses
  • Funds raised prior to the dates stated as the fundraising campaign window.

Recipients of funding need to check in with us during and after their campaign and their project.

Note: Fundraising legislation varies from state to state. Before submitting a MATCH Lab application, please familiarise yourself with your state’s legislation. Information is available at The Funding Centre and ATO website.

Stage 5: Deliver project

Successful recipients can commence their project or activity once they have completed their fundraising.

Recipients are expected to check in with us on the progress of the project and the impact of MATCH Lab. Any changes to the funded project/activity must be approved by us in advance.

Stage 6: Acquittals

Recipients are required to report on the progress and results of their campaign and project, as part of the acquittal process. Templates are provided to the recipient prior to the report due date via SmartyGrants.

Acquittal 1: Fundraising Campaign Report

  • Value of funds raised and the number and type of campaign contributors
  • Evaluation of your campaign strategy
  • Assessment of unexpected problems and challenges and opportunities encountered through the campaign.

Acquittal 2: MATCH Lab Project and Updated Fundraising Report

  • How private sector funding and MATCH Lab matched funds were spent
  • Additional information as requested, including testimonials, media, promotional material and details of ongoing donor relationships.