The Plus1 grant process

Learn about the process of our Plus1 matched funding campaign, including details around application, verification, project delivery and reporting. Plus1 comprises several stages. Watch the video below about what to expect from a Plus1 matched fundraising campaign, and what’s expected from you as a successful applicant.

Plus1 Lifecycle graphic with text | Applications open, assesment, fundraising, acquittal one, receive grant, deliver project, acquittal two.
Plus1 Lifecycle

Stage 1: Applications

Plus1 applications must outline:

  • Your organisation
  • What stream you are eligible for
  • The proposed fundraising campaign strategy and target
  • The key messages of support for the fundraising campaign
  • Key responsibility areas for fundraising staff
  • The groups and networks to be approached during the campaign
  • How Plus1 will be used to leverage support from the private sector
  • The long-term benefits of the Plus1 opportunity on the organisation
  • The donor stewardship plan
  • The proposed project/activity
  • The budget for the proposed project/activity
  • Audited accounts (to be provided as an attachment)

Applicants should not embark on any activity that depends on support from us prior to notification of Plus1 decisions.

Stage 2: Assessment

Applications will be assessed by Creative Partnerships Australia and a Plus1 peer assessment panel comprising people with expertise in arts fundraising and development. Final decisions will be made by Creative Partnerships Australia, based on the panel assessments and Creative Partnerships Australia’s Risk Assessment Methodology. Consideration is also given to ensuring that successful applicants reflect a geographical spread across all states and territories, as well as a spread across art forms.

Stage 3: Fundraising

We offer ‘in-principle’ support to successful applicants, up to the amount requested in the application. Successful applicants will need to complete an online declaration to accept program conditions and confirm participation. Plus1 will match funds sourced from:

  • Philanthropy, including:
    • Individual giving
    • Community giving
    • Trusts and foundations
    • Business giving
  • Business sponsorship
  • Fundraising events
  • Crowdfunding
  • Workplace giving programs

Plus1 will not match:

  • Bequests
  • In-kind support
  • Loans
  • Earned income (including membership, box office, and non-deductible ticket expenses)
  • Local, state or federal government funding
  • Hospitality, food and beverage expenses
  • Funds raised prior to the dates stated as the fundraising campaign window

We offer a range of additional tools and resources to help with your fundraising activities: from FAQs and successful [case studies] to [guides] and [factsheets].

Note: Fundraising legislation varies from state to state. Before submitting a Plus1 application, please familiarise yourself with your state’s legislation. Information is available at The Funding Centre and ATO websites.

Stage 4: Verification and contracting

All funds sourced through Plus1 fundraising campaigns must be secured within the dates of the Plus1 fundraising campaign window, as published in the program guidelines. Recipients should retain the following documentation:

  1. Copies of bank statements with donor names, deposit amount and dates.
  2. Copies of bank-issued deposit receipt provided to donors.
  3. Written confirmation from donors that funds have been deposited

Once the target is reached, you will complete the Fundraising Verification and Campaign Report (Acquittal 1) and submit an invoice, then the Plus1 grant will be paid to you.

Our Plus1 funding agreement conditions ask that organisations agree to:

  • Seek approval in advance of any changes to the Plus1 project/activity (e.g. changes in the scope, budget or timeline).
  • Provide Plus1 project/activity information to us on request.
  • Provide acquittals as outlined below.
  • Satisfactorily account for funds spent or return any monies unaccounted for.
  • Comply with all applicable laws.
  • Acknowledge our support—including the use of [our logo and acknowledgment reference] in all promotional material associated with the project and on your website.

Stage 5: Deliver project

Successful recipients can commence their funded project/activity once they have completed their fundraising and signed their funding agreement from us. Recipients are expected to liaise with us on the progress of the project/activity and the impact of Plus1 funds. Any changes to the funded project/activity must be approved by us in advance.

Stage 6: Acquittals

Recipients are required to report on the progress and results of their campaign and project, as part of the acquittal process. Templates are provided to the recipient prior to the report due date via SmartyGrants.

Acquittal 1: Fundraising Campaign Report

  • Value of funds raised and the number and type of campaign contributors.
  • Evaluation of their campaign strategy.
  • Assessment of unexpected problems, challenges and opportunities encountered through the campaign and overall impact to stakeholders.

Acquittal 2: Plus1 Project And Updated Fundraising Report

  • How private sector funding and Plus1 matched funds were spent.
  • Overall benefits of Plus1 project/activity to the organisation and stakeholders.
  • Financial reconciliation of the project/activity.
  • Additional information as requested, including testimonials, media, promotional material and details of ongoing donor relationships.

Long-Term Outcome Reports (On Request)

Plus1 recipients must provide all project/activity reports to us to meet their contractual obligations. We cannot provide further funding to organisations with overdue progress reports.