The Last Great Hunt on launching a donor circle

The Last Great Hunt is a collective of six Perth-based theatre-makers who create theatre in a variety of forms and styles.

The Last Great Hunt on launching a donor circle

This year they participated in Plus1 to raise funds for their Local Adventures campaign, which supported the presentation of three new works.

With a target of $30,000, the campaign comprised two primary elements: a general campaign aimed at existing supporters and the general public, and a more targeted campaign that involved launching their first exclusive donor circle, The Navigators.

The collective used a mix of targeted asks and social media marketing which resulted in more than 50 donations from a range of supporters. “We had new donors come on board because they saw the value of our company and our work to the depth and diversity of Perth’s cultural offerings,” said Development Manager Andrew Baker.

“In addition to effective marketing and a strong call to action, we received the support we did because we had meaningful conversations early on in the campaign with people who have been with us since the beginning, and we were able to persuade them to deepen their engagement with the company by becoming inaugural Navigators.”

The campaign was a success, the team raised their target and with our matched funding of $30,000, the collective were able to present the new works and gain greater exposure within the Australian theatre sector.


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