The Art & Science of Fundraising FAQs

The Art & Science of Fundraising is an innovative, out-of-the-box professional development program created by esteemed consultancy Philanthropy Squared delivered over nine months.

The Art & Science of Fundraising has a few key features including:

  • The program strives to ensure fundraising takes on a whole of organisation approach. With this in mind, participants are asked to form a working group of either two or three people to complete the program comprising your Board Chair, your ED/CEO and your lead fundraiser (if you have one).
  • The program is designed to ensure two key deliverables at the end of the program: building a strong organisational culture of philanthropy and a robust fundraising strategy.
  • The program has been specifically designed for small-to-mid sized organisations.

There so many reasons why we think your organisation should apply! Here are our top three reasons:

  1. You will learn from Philanthropy Squared’s breadth of expertise that is normally only imparted through its consulting practice.
  2. You will benefit from the dedicated support offered by the mentor assigned to your organisation by Creative Australia to help put all your learnings into practice.
  3. You will learn from and connect with your peers from across the arts

Plus, the program is wholly subsided by us, Creative Australia, so that it is at no cost to you.

No. This program has been specifically designed for those small-to-mid sized organisations with a turnover of $500,000 and $5 million.

No. While The Art and Science of Fundraising has been designed for small-to-mid-sized organisations, participating organisations must have the capacity to devote the human resources to do this work as well as the internal structures to optimise the program’s learnings.

While each participating organistion’s needs and working style will differ, we estimate that approximately 3 x days (possibly more or less) will be required from your Board Chair and CEO / ED.

To help guide planning, we have outlined an estimation of the time that should be allocated to the program between March and December, 2024:

–      Program briefing (online, March 7): 1.5 x hours

–      Self-Audit (self-paced from March to June): approximately 8-10 x hours

–      The Art & Science of Fundraising Lab (online, May 6): 2 x hours

–      Scheduled check-in (week of June 17): 1 x hour

–      Mentoring (online, between August-November): approximately 8 x hours

      Philanthropy Squared’s On-Board Program (online & in-person, a date between August – December): 2 x hours

Yes, you can still apply if your Board Chair is unable to be part of your working group. However, they must nominate another Board member to participate in the Chair’s place.

All the dates listed under Key Dates are set are fixed; they must be followed and adhered to.

If a member of your working group is unable to attend an online forum or meet a scheduled deadline, alternate arrangements may be considered in consultation with Creative Australia.

Absolutely! You just need to have a track record of at least three years of fundraising.

Yes. This is one continuous program. Each part offers something different but are all complementary. While the program does require your organisation to commit to the dates and deadlines outlined in Key Dates, much of the work is done at your own pace.

Yes, each participating organisation must submit their Self-Audit workbook to Creative Australia by the deadline highlighted in Key Dates. Workbooks will help us to better understand which mentor to assign to your organisation as well as to inform the work you will do with your mentor. Each workbook will be shared, in strict confidence, with Philanthropy Squared as well as the mentor assigned to your organisation.

If your organisation is committed to growing and strengthening your fundraising practice, then this is the right program!

The On-Board Masterclass has been designed for Boards. The Board Chair must be in attendance, in person. The majority of all other Board members must in attendance otherwise it will be either re-scheduled or cancelled. We recognize that interstate-based Board members may need to attend online.

Yes! You may submit one application per year.

All successful applicants will be notified by email by

Contact our Capability team who are here to help with any questions you may have regarding you application:

03 9616 0321