Lab Kelpie on securing business sponsors

Lab Kelpie used their MATCH campaign to forge new business partnerships and bring their creative vision to life

Lab Kelpie on securing business sponsors

Following a two-year collaboration with award-winning playwright Katy Warner, theatre company Lab Kelpie looked to the private sector to assist in presenting Spencer, a new comedy-drama that had the potential to significantly increase the profile of the company.


At a glance:

  • Project: Spencer by Katy Warner
  • Platform: Pozible
  • $ raised: $8,515
  • Donors: 60


The approach

As part of a wider campaign for support, Lab Kelpie determined they wanted to find 15% of their fundraising goal through establishing new relationships with business sponsors. They developed a list of potential targets with consideration to value that Lab Kelpie could provide to the sponsor, not just what the sponsor funding would go towards, and presented tailored proposals to demonstrate this.


The outcome

This approach was a successful one, with a new sponsor not only brought on board to support Spencer but with a view to partnering with the company for future productions, and investigating opportunities to cross-promote each business in their respective markets.

“This was a huge turning point for our company, showing us that our business idea was a viable one and proving we had the existing support base to implement it into the future.” – Lab Kelpie