Kim Anderson on pre-selling art to raise funds

Kim Anderson’s MATCH fundraising strategy hinged on the high demand and short supply of her intricate work

Kim Anderson on pre-selling art to raise funds

At the beginning of 2016 Ballarat-based visual artist Kim Anderson received an invitation to undertake a three-month residency at DRAWinternational centre for artistic research in Caylus, France, that focuses specifically on drawing theory and practice.

Anderson used this opportunity to develop a new project that explored a ten-year journey through eating disorders and mental illness, incorporating elements of drawing and site-specific installation; and also participate in workshops, seminars and critiques.

At a glance

  • Project: DRAW International Artists Residency
  • Platform: Pozible
  • $ raised: $5,385
  • Donors: 55

The approach

While developing a crowdfunding campaign through Pozible, Anderson determined that there was significant value and attraction for giving potential supporters the opportunity to secure some of her unique limited-edition works below usual price points. She created a communications campaign that reinforced the extremely meticulous and detailed nature of the artwork, and by extension reinforced its high demand and short supply.

The campaign also highlighted a great opportunity for investment not only in Anderson as an artist, but for the donors themselves: supporting an emerging artist’s endeavours to develop new skills and increase their exposure also simultaneously increased the value of the works they were pre-purchasing.

A successful campaign that meant attendance at the residency was sure to aid Anderson’s professional profile. This approach helped encourage many high value pledges to the campaign.

Anderson created 35 original drawings plus two commissions for the campaign; with the only drawback to the campaign’s popularity being the increased workload for her to complete and deliver the pre-sold artworks. To that end she has stayed in constant communication with her supporters, keeping them informed with timeframes for the rewards and with the outcomes of the residency.

The outcome

The campaign raised in excess of $5,000 – well beyond the initial target of $3,000, a mark that was topped in under six hours!

“Fundraising in this way has allowed me to maintain control of my project and stay true to my creative vision… Knowing that I have such an incredible amount of support has given me confidence in my work and the value it holds for others. I have been able to build a circle of committed supporters who will remain engaged with my work for the long-term.” – Kim Anderson

Coaching and mentoring

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