Developing Your Fundraising Plan

Your efforts to secure support should be strategic, considered and targeted.

So what does a good fundraising plan look like and how does it work?  Watch this video to learn the essential elements of a fundraising plan, and how your organisation’s structure and situation will determine your fundraising mix and campaign approach.

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About the presenters

Kitty Walker, Communications and Fundraising Consultant

Kitty is a highly respected communications and fundraising expert with more than a decade of experience working across the Australian arts industry. Skilled in strategy development and implementation, she has a proven track record of increasing earned revenue across a variety of streams. Kitty is an expert in external relations management with many years of experience managing government, corporate and philanthropic partnerships. After more than six years with The Australian Ballet, Kitty held the role of Director, Development at Bangarra Dance Theatre for almost four years where she significantly increased the company’s development income revenue. Kitty now sits on the Board of Schoolhouse Studios in Melbourne and Lighthouse Arts Collective in Point Lonsdale, while consulting for a variety of clients in the arts and wider not-for-profit sector.