Case for support: West Australian Ballet

The West Australian Ballet is one of the oldest Australian ballet companies still in existence. They moved into a new, state-of-the-art facility in Maylands, Perth, in 2012, following a two-phase, $12 million capital fundraising campaign.

West Australian Ballet | Partnerships in Focus

Why it works

A great case for support will involve everyone – staff, executive, board members and donors – and can take months to develop.

Once complete, make sure you share it with everyone in your organisation.

It’s Dynamic

The document is well designed for external distribution. Its clear layout, bold design, sharp writing and striking images reinforce the West Australian Ballet brand and set the tone for the company’s bold vision and big ask.

It’s Supporter Facing

The case includes messages of support from existing patrons, donors, partners, funding bodies, staff and dancers to explain the need, rally the community and make supporters feel like they can make a difference.


“The new building will be good for us as a ‘family’, it will give the company a place to call home, with a more professional environment for us to work on our craft.”

“This is more than an investment in bricks and mortar: it will help to secure a bright future for our talented young people, it supports the growth of our state both economically and artistically, and most importantly, what we give to these talented young dancers, they will return to the Western Australian community in spades.”

It’s Engaging

The case outlines a bold vision that is more compelling than just concrete and steel. It uses emotive language and a persuasive ’before and after’ narrative to show the benefits of the new building for dancers, the company, the local community and the WA arts scene.


“The new centre will be a hub of creative energy and vitality, a place that is welcoming and actively engages with the broader dance community and the arts loving public – a centre of excellence that will stand at the heart of the Western Australian dance world.”

It Answers the Question, Why Should I Invest?

The West Australian Ballet’s mission, objectives and capacity to complete the project successfully are clearly articulated so that potential donors can decide if their motivations and passions align.


“West Australian Ballet’s goal is to make ballet accessible to all Western Australians; regardless of geographical, social and economic circumstances”


“(It will) enable West Australian Ballet to become a dynamic, creative enterprise that has the professional capacity to deliver to Western Australia:

  • increased cultural vibrancy
  • more employment opportunities
  • enhanced community engagement
  • aspirational role models
  • assistance to reverse the talent brain drain.”