Advice for Supporters and Investors

Art is meaningfully intertwined in every aspect of daily life. The cultural sector influences, and is intrinsic to, so much of our world — from sculpture to signage, from galleries to grandstands, and from literature to logos. Nurturing Australian creativity through private giving and investment is essential, because it nurtures Australia as a whole.

A strong and sustainable cultural sector is the mark of a progressive society; it is universally enriching, with value for artists, individuals, communities and business alike.

As a supporter or investor, you’re integral to that sustainability. Learn the benefits associated with investment in the arts, the potential return on those investments, and how to partner with an arts organisation.

MJAC HOLD Exhibition photo by Susie Blatchford

Arts partnership advice

Our State Managers use their varied skillsets and broad expertise to advise businesses on achieving their objectives and goals through arts partnerships.

Engage with varied and passionate audiences in a direct and intimate way; align your organisation with experimentation and innovation; partake in meaningful and creative collaboration and more.

Board positions

We encourage connections between arts organisations and business professionals, with a focus on professional board positions and advising on specific projects. If you’re a business professional seeking a board level position, we encourage you to contact us to discuss potential opportunities.

Why invest in the arts?

Talk to your audiences through a medium that means something. Align your organisation with progression, creativity and inspiration. Contribute to the fabric of our national and cultural identity. Achieve this, and more, through investing in the arts.