LIFT Covid Mentorships

The business disruption as a result of COVID-19 on arts and cultural organisations has been profound.

To ensure ongoing organisational vibrancy, arts companies need to challenge what they are doing and how they need to operate. This may require skills and experience that the organisations currently do not have.

Trapper at SOH image by Jolyon James

Trapper at SOH image by Jolyon James

Applications for the LIFT Covid Mentorships have closed. Successful applicants are currently completing their mentorships.

In 2021 Creative Partnerships is offering 16 arts fundraising or organisational management mentorships for Australian arts organisations designed to provide expert advice and one-on-one guidance, building capacity to successfully navigate through the impact brought to the industry as a result of COVID-19.

The mentorships are specifically designed for fundraising managers or executives who play key operational roles within their organisation. Organisations will nominate one primary staff member who will participate in the mentorship, implementing the strategic skills and guidance developed through the program.

Paired with appropriate, experienced arts leaders, LIFT Covid Mentorships offer:

  • One-on-one organisational overview to identify and assess key challenges
  • Collaborative guidance to adjust or set new organisational goals (business or fundraising)
  • Development of a strategic plan to achieve these goals
  • Identification and development of key skills required to implement the strategic plans

Through the 10-month program, mentors will help build the necessary skills and expertise required to challenge old plans, set new, achievable goals and successfully position for a vibrant and sustainable ‘Covid normal’, providing long-term benefits for your organisation. Starting with a facilitated opening session, the mentorships will have monthly sessions, running from July 2021 – May 2022.