LIFT Mentorships

Creative Partnerships Australia’s LIFT mentoring programs provide a range of mentorship opportunities for leaders and fundraisers in the arts and cultural sector. Assisting the career development and expertise of Australia’s arts professionals with management and fundraising skills, these programs support the growth of a sustainable arts sector.

Trapper at SOH image by Jolyon James

LIFT Mentoring COVID-19 Response Program 2020/21

In order to grow, adapt and flourish, arts organisations need to think strategically and with vision to be sustainable. The unexpected hardships of this year highlighted that most organisations in the sector did not have a contingency plan for an unexpected crisis event. In response to this, the LIFT Mentoring COVID-19 Response Program was designed for fundraising managers and operational executives and provides expert advice and tailored guidance for organisations to successfully navigate a recovery from the impact of the pandemic.

Connecting 16 arts organisations with mentors across Australia, this unique opportunity provides a framework to identify organisational hurdles, develop strategic plans and build strong business acumen to ensure both survival and growth in the sector.


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