The Art of (Donor) Influence with Tammy Zonker

To navigate donor development through our pandemic world and into the future, fundraising professionals are recognising the irreplaceable value of time spent face-to-face with donors.

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The 2022 Masterclass was held in May. Our next Masterclass will take place in 2023. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates about future events and workshops.

Join internationally renowned fundraising expert Tammy Zonker, as she demonstrates how to deepen your understanding of the psychology of influence to build your own framework for engaging donors and to create major donor investment opportunities.

Taking place across Australian capital cities in May 2022, this is your opportunity to be inspired, intentional and influential with the time you invest in donor development. These masterclasses are for fundraising and marketing professionals, executives, artistic directors, board members, and CEOs within small, medium and major arts organisations.

The Masterclass will cover:

  • How to better understand the psychological principles of influence
  • Reviewing the donor pipeline and major donor development cycle
  • Identifying your top major donor supporters/prospects
  • How to create an annual donor engagement calendar
  • Strategising major donor development plans
  • Creating major donor investment opportunities
  • How to get the visit & make the ask

Masterclass dates

Sydney | Tuesday 10 May

Melbourne | Friday 13 May

Adelaide | Monday 16 May

Perth | Wednesday 18 May

Brisbane | Friday 20 May

Tammy Zonker Profile

About the presenter:

Tammy Zonker (US) is recognised as one of America’s top 25 fundraising experts. She is an inspiring international speaker and trainer in the discipline of transformational philanthropy. She has trained, coached, and led non-profit teams to raise more than a half-billion dollars including a single gift of US$27million. When she’s not speaking at conferences or fundraising, she’s leading webinars, online masterclasses, private workshops, and retreats or training her online membership community of Fundraising Transformers.

Engage with Tammy and Fundraising Transformed below.