Knowledge Series 2 | What Donors Want, What the Research Tells Us with Wendy Scaife

Wendy Scaife


Wendy Scaife








After close to 20 years at the forefront of research into fundraising and philanthropy in Australia, Wendy Scaife will present a pure and applied session, unveiling some of the best learnings about donor behaviour and expectations from hundreds of research studies conducted around the world.

From what kind of approach to use with donors, how to communicate best, and even right down to the kind of language to use, Wendy will share a host of insights and practical ways to build better relationships with donors. You’ll take away a useful reading list and ways to explore what – at times – can seem like an impenetrable morass of data in our field.

This seminar is ideal for:

Fundraising professionals, Executives, Artistic Directors, Board members and CEOs to develop their fundraising knowledge within the Australian arts and cultural sector.


This seminar took place on Thursday 4 November – 11.30am AEDT. The recording of the session is available to purchase below.


About Dr Wendy Scaife:

Associate Professor and Director, Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT Wendy leads the ACPNS teaching/research team and has 30 years NP experience. She also leads the Social Purpose research theme at the Centre for Future Enterprise. Wendy is part of philanthropic foundations, international research collectives, chaired a community organisation and led a health nonprofit. She holds two QUT Vice-Chancellor’s Awards and is the inaugural FIA Arthur Venn Lifetime Achievement Award for ‘consistent excellence and best practice through her actions, leadership and intellect’.