Knowledge Series 2 | Securing the Major Donor Visit and Getting to “Yes!” with Tammy Zonker

Tammy Zonker


Tammy Zonker








Part I: How to successfully secure the major donor visit!

This session explores the common barriers to gaining access to major donors in a pandemic world and gives practical psychology-based strategies, tactics and real-life tools and scripts for overcoming objectives and getting the visit.

Part II: Making the Ask & Getting to Yes!

Making the ask for a major gift investment can be intimidating. This session dives into the nuts and bolts of making a successful ask. This session will equip and empower you to make a successful ask and will help you understand the difference between influence and manipulation, and how to create an offer your donor can’t resist. 

This seminar is ideal for:

Fundraising professionals, Executives, Artistic Directors, Board members and CEOs to develop their fundraising knowledge within the Australian arts and cultural sector.


This webinar took place on Thursday 21 October. The recording of the session is available to purchase below.


About Tammy Zonker:

Tammy Zonker (USA) is recognised as one of America’s top 25 fundraising experts. She is an inspiring international speaker and trainer in the discipline of transformational philanthropy. She has trained, coached, and led nonprofit teams to raise more than a half- billion dollars including a single gift of US$27million. When she’s not speaking at conferences or fundraising, she’s leading webinars, online masterclasses, private workshops, and retreats or training her online membership community of Fundraising Transformers.