Meet Michelle Boyle, your State Manager Development and Partnerships for NSW & ACT!

Michelle joined our stellar team of State Managers Development and Partnerships on 5 February

Michelle Boyle B&W

Learn more about Michelle as she shares her extensive background in philanthropy and partnerships, plus her excitement in fostering sustainability in the sector.

What attracted you to the role of Creative Australia State Manager Development and Partnerships (NSW & ACT)?

I was attracted to the role of State Manager, Development and Partnerships (NSW/ACT) as an opportunity to support the sustainability of our creative industries, by sharing my extensive knowledge and experience in philanthropy and partnerships across our diverse sector.

With the launch of the Australian Government’s National Cultural Policy: Revive and the recent transformation of the Government’s principal arts agency, it’s also a very exciting time to be joining the team at Creative Australia.


You’ve worked across different artforms and in different parts of the world/country. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I feel immensely fortunate to have been able to follow my passion for the arts into a fulfilling career, in the UK and Australia, spanning 20 years. From Festival volunteer to arts marketer, and an enduring tenure with one of the world’s leading contemporary dance companies, I have been able to forge successful relationships with a broad range of stakeholders based on a genuine love and curiosity for the arts, and for the impact that shared experiences can have on our communities.

Having benefited myself from the services of Artsupport Australia, AbaF, Creative Partnerships Australia and Creative Australia, I understand and hugely value the tangible impact these coaching and professional development services have had on my career.


As a State Manager Development and Partnerships part of your role is providing one-on-one coaching and advice to artists and organisations. What aspects of your experience will support this service?

As a strategic fundraiser for over 13 years, I deeply understand the highs and lows of the vital and nuanced relationships with our private sector partners. I have also enjoyed coaching and mentoring early career colleagues and peers, while continuously working together to evaluate the efficacy of our strategies in an ever-changing world.


What are you looking forward to most about your new role?

I am motivated and inspired by the creativity of our artists, and am looking forward to meeting and working with more artists, organisations, Board Directors and Administrators across NSW and ACT. I’m driven to demystify the art of fundraising and empower the teams of individuals working behind the scenes.