Meet Hannah Kothe, your new State Manager for SA & NT!

Hannah Kothe will be joining our team of State Managers from Monday 30 October.

Hannah Kothe B&W

Learn more about Hannah as she shares her enthusiasm for supporting artists in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

What attracted you to the role of Creative Partnerships State Manager Development and Partnerships?

I was attracted by the opportunity to bring my knowledge and expertise to support artists and arts organisations across all art forms in SA and NT. I’ve spent the last decade working across this region and am constantly inspired by the vibrancy and singularity of the work being made in this part of the country.

For artists and arts organisations away from the major east coast cities, private sector support often seems like this elusive, always slightly often in the distant, thing. I’m passionate about building the capacity of SA and NT artists and arts organisations to seek out and develop opportunities and bring more private sector support closer to home.

As a State Manager Development and Partnerships part of your role is providing one-on-one coaching and advice to artists and organisations. What aspects of your experience will support this service?

One aspect of my experience that I will bring to the role is my work with First Nations-led arts organisations, where I supported incredible leaders to realise their artistic ambitions for their own practice and communities.

For the leaders I’ve worked with the importance of storytelling was always impressed upon me. Building a case for support is at its heart an exercise in storytelling, developing a compelling call to action and taking potential supporters on a journey with you. I’m excited about the opportunity to work with artists and arts organisations in a one-on-one capacity to develop and refine their own compelling stories.

What is your one piece of advice to artists and arts organisations who are looking to increase the level of diversity of support they receive from the private sector?

My biggest piece of advice for arts organisations and artists is to have a good look at the work you do – what work do you do that you are funded for? What services or activities do you deliver that you aren’t currently funded for? How can you make sure what you do either aligns with what you are funded for or gain funding for these currently unfunded areas?

For small arts organisations in regional and remote communities these unfunded activities often provide benefits to communities in areas such as education, health, social inclusion etc. Are there opportunities to develop a compelling case for support and seeking funding for these unfunded but often essential services that are typically delivered alongside the funded core business of artmaking?

What are you looking forward to most about your new role?

I’m excited about connecting and engaging with artists and arts organisations from across SA and NT. There is so much scope to grow private sector partnerships across the region and I’m looking forward to being part of supporting artists and arts organisations to realise their creative ambitions.