Thinking ahead of EOFY

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For artists and arts organisations big and small, the end of financial year is a crucial time for fundraising. In fact, last year over a third of annual donations through the Australian Cultural Fund (ACF) were made in May and June alone.

If you’re an individual artist, collective or organisation that doesn’t have tax deductible status, the ACF is a great way to invite your donors to give to an end of year fundraising campaign. Via the ACF, your donors will a tax deduction from their gift to you, plus our ACF team and platform will provide support to lighten the load of fundraising administration.

While organisations that have DGR status can already provide this tax deductibility to donors, you possibly work with artists and smaller organisations that would benefit from exploring the ACF. We encourage you to share the opportunity of fundraising through the ACF with your community of artists, in the hope that fundraising dollars reach all aspects of the arts ecology this year.