Beyond Sponsorship Report

Arts and cultural organisations were thrown into disruption in 2020 through the continuing uncertainty and transition from COVID-19.

Beyond Sponsorship Report

Businesses across Australia also faced challenges and began looking for answers about what the future may hold for their current models, practices, processes and partnerships.

With both sectors questioning their capacity to salvage some good from the mass disruption, arts and business partnership practitioners began looking at their current partnerships and asked; what is the value we offer to our partners and society, now? How can we demonstrate our value to our partners in a context of crisis and beyond?

With these questions at the forefront, Creative Partnerships Australia and Arts Centre Melbourne worked with Spark Strategy to create Beyond Sponsorship, a report to gain insights into arts and business partnerships, the shifts occurring and their impact on partnerships.

Featuring insights and lessons from 115 arts and business stakeholders in the period September to December 2020, this report will have relevance to future years, disruptions and crises.